Shadowrun 5e

Mission 2

The Office


Target: KG Construction Security

Primary objective: Raid the office, take the explosives (roughly 200kg of material). Payout: 8k nuyen each.

Secondary objective: Access security footage (likely located in Karl’s Office (2nd floor) or the Computer room (1st floor), and destroy it). 6k nuyen each.

Tertiary objective: Avoid detection. 4k nuyen each.

Opposition: 4 guards on site at all times (2 interior, 2 exterior). Other notes on provided map are accurate. Spider, ECM, and jamming are unlikely. Minimal wireless capability in the office, nearly everything is directly wired as this is an old structure predating 2040.

Payouts will be made based on completed objectives. Partial completion will result in a lower payout.


Dossier: Adam Corkis

Title: CEO of KG Construction Security
Age: 42 (born Mar 21st, 2034)
Race: Human
Image on file

Physical Description: A slightly overweight middle-aged Caucasian human usually seen wearing a business suit with the KG logo embroidered onto the sides of both shoulders (where military rank markings would be placed).

Biography: A former ganger turned Ares Macrotech wageslave turned businessman, Adam started out doing small-time package runs for the Halloweeners in the Redmond barrens in 2049 (at 15 years old). He continued to do odd jobs for the gang until the Halloweeners were almost completely annihilated in 2069 in a gang war with the Ancients. Adam left the life in the aftermath and spent a year working dead-end jobs while working on his social skills. After legally acquiring an Ares Macrotech SIN, Adam was employed by a retail Ares Small Arms store in the Puyallup Barrens for five years, working his way up to middle management. One year ago, Adam opened his own business centered around supplying explosives, small arms, and contracted services to construction and security firms within the greater Seattle UCAS territory. It’s rumored that Adam sources most of his supplies through his contacts at Ares.

Notes: Adam is proficient in the use of nearly all commercially available small arms and explosives. He is an adequate salesman and frequently studies small unit tactics and security procedures in his spare time. He has no known hobbies and no publicly listed address other than KG Construction’s business office.

Mission 2

Dossier: Cockroach

Title: Chief of Security, KG Construction Security
Age: 28 (Born Jun 04, 2048)
Race: Orc
Image on file

Physical description: A generally non-descript orc without tattoos, visible scars, or chrome, Cockroach wears either a full body suit of Ares-manufactured armor like a second skin or a high-end business suit along with a pair of smartlink-capable glasses. He has never been seen in public without either the armor or suit and always carries visible weaponry. Cockroach’s weaponry varies, but generally includes a pair of smartlinked machine pistols or a mid-grade rifle.

Biography: Very little information is available on Cockroach’s background, and no SIN was found matching his description or known employment history. Assumed SINless, though employed in some capacity for KG Construction Security.

Notes: Unusually quiet and passive for an orc, Cockroach has a reputation for extreme violence when placed into combat situations. Bordering on a personality disorder, Cockroach ruthlessly disregards societal morality and will use any and all available means to achieve victory. One well-documented example of this occurred in 2068 while employed as general security subcontractor at the Tacoma docks. Cockroach was returning from lunch when he was accosted by a few local high-school students in a badly planned mugging. Cockroach picked up a passerby’s pet dachshund and threw it at the students as a distraction. While the students were disoriented and confused, Cockroach unloaded two full magazines from a pair of Steyr TMP machine pistols into the students and the dachshund, killing them all instantly. Cockroach’s employment at the docks was terminated as a result, but no charges were filed. The origin of Cockroach’s name is not known.

Mission 2

Dossier: KG Construction Security

Founded: 1 year ago on Feb 2nd, 2075

Address: NE corner of 37th St NW & C Street NE in Auburn. Located due north of the Auburn Muni and across the street from Greasy Ben’s and the Merideth Comfy Cubicle.

Area security rating: C, police response is 8-12 minutes.

Geocode links: General location & Interactive Shadowrun 5e Map

Financial data:
This is a privately held business, financial data is not available.

5 permanent: The CEO, four on-site security guards.
2 temporary/on-call: one demolitions consultant and one security consultant.

Per retail space leasing office data, the monthly rent for this location was paid in advance for two years when the leasing agreement was signed.

Mission 2
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