Shadowrun 5e

Mission 4: Bodyguard Duty


A wealthy member of the local Yakuza branch is about to have a falling out with a number of his associates and requires a discrete team to oversee his safety until the matter has been resolved to his satisfaction.

The client plans to stay in his primary residence (Rosecliff) for the duration of the operation. The house is in a highly defensible location and has a number of security features installed that will aid you in the event of an attack on the residence, though the client is not willing to disclose the entirety of his security grid unless necessary. The team decker will have access to the site’s tacnet, sensor and camera grid, one geosynchronous satellite feed, and some of the more basic security features of the house.

The client expects his disagreement to be concluded within 48 hours of your arrival on-site. Please note that all land visible in the attached photo is considered on Mitsuhama corporate property. Local police and security forces will not be available to assist you. DocWagon has authorization to retrieve an injured member of your team, but only if they are at least 100 meters away from the main residence building.

Primary Objective: 20k nuyen per person if the client is uninjured at the end of the 48 hour period. If injured, 10k nuyen. An additional payment of 3k nuyen will be awarded to the runner team as a whole if the client’s spouse is unharmed.

Secondary Objective: The client has three scheduled meetings with other parties during the time period in question. You are to inspect the arrivals, disarm them, and neutralize any openly hostile members on the residential property. Under no circumstances should an Awakened that is not part of your team enter the residence. Lethal force is authorized, but only as a last resort. Rewards for this objective will be determined by the results of your team.

Tertiary Objective: The residence is a historic landmark and the client wishes it unharmed. If there is no structural damage at the end of the time period, an additional 15k per person will be awarded.


VIP Name: Maita Yoshitaka [Maita = family name]

No other information provided.

Secondary VIP: Maita Aki, spouse of Yoshitaka.

No other information provided.

Additional information:

Floor plans for main residence

Geocode link to run location

Mission 4: Bodyguard Duty
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