Shadowrun 5e

Mission 3: Extraction


Usher wants the team to do a simple extraction. The only catches are that the target isn’t interested and the building has corp security. Target is located on the 7th floor of a business office, but not on AAA corp territory. Target is affiliated with Ares Macrotech, and will be extracted to a drop-off location to be specified after the target is acquired.

All doors have rating 3 maglocks and windows do not open to the outside. Windows are made of high-durability plastics, equivalent to concrete in strength. Sound sensors are present and gunfire (even suppressed) will set of alarms. There is no on-site spider, and there are a number of guards that patrol the floor and tower. Your target is at one of three locations: Office-711, Office-718, or Office-727.


Primary: Extract the VIP, unharmed: 10k nuyen each. If injured, pay will be reduced to 5k each.

Secondary: Capture the worker in Office 726 with similar features as the VIP. Give him the VIP’s credstick and clothing. Proceed to the roof with the worker and push him off the edge. The worker suffers from a terminal disease and his family will be well compensated by an anonymous source for their loss. Be advised: the worker is unaware of his role in your mission. Payout: 10k nuyen each.

Tertiary: Acquire workflow data from the VIP’s terminal, the current project database, and the building’s employee database. Acquisition of all three will net a 20k nuyen bonus for the decker, and a 5k nuyen bonus for the other team members. Failure of each objective will lower the payout by 7k for the decker and 2k for the team for each objective failed. No nuyen paid on a total failure.

Bonus objective: If no alarms are sounded, team will be paid an additional 10k nuyen each upon completion of the mission.

VIP dossier will follow.


VIP Dossier: Ruolan Scott
Race: Elf
Born: Aug 03, 2032 [Age: 44]

Bio: Ruolan Scott is an Ares Macrotech citizen and holds a legal SIN from Ares. He is currently working for BesTech, a subsidiary of Ares Macrotech R&D. Ruolan is an expert in the design characteristics of the current line of Ares weaponry and armor, including a number of things that are not public knowledge.

Ruolan does not have a family, and he lives on-site with his other coworkers in corp housing on the 5th floor of the building. He and the other employees do not leave the building unless authorized directly by Ares.

Mission 3: Extraction
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