Shadowrun 5e

Mission 5: Pimp Problems

A local high-demand prostitute named Short Stack has contacted the team and requested their assistance in dealing with a complicated problem in her area. A number of her regular clients have suddenly committed a number of unprovoked crimes including robbery, assault, and murder without any prior violent tendencies or history of instability. Without exception, within 24 hours of the crimes being committed the person(s) involved in the crime have been found dead. To make matters worse, some of the deranged clients were members of Usher’s organization and they used the newly distributed weaponry in their crimes. Unsurprisingly, this has hurt Short Stack’s reputation and she has dropped to the number two prostitute in her area as a result.

Your mission is to track these individuals down, determine the cause of their behavior, and deal with whoever or whatever is responsible accordingly. Short Stack will be accompanying you on this mission, per her request.

Primary Objective: Short Stack must survive until the job is completed. She will be continuing her normal rounds while the mission is going on and if she don’t get laid, you don’t get paid.

Secondary Objective: Determine what’s going on and deal with it.

Tertiary Objective: If possible, take some of the heat off Usher for his use of the prototype weaponry

Pay and additional rewards will be determined based on the team’s results and actions during the mission, including how many clients Short Stack is able to successfully interact with during this time.


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