Shadowrun 5e

Mission 6: Sinclair


Usher contacts the team with another job offer:

The team is to pick up a package from a contact and deliver it to a dead drop location inside the walk-in freezer of the first floor of a high-class hotel/restaurant without being noticed. Package will be available this coming Sunday morning and delivery is expected by midnight on Thursday of the same week. Sounds simple enough.

Primary Objective: Deliver package to the dead-drop location, undetected. Payment: 10k nuyen each. If the staff is suspicious of your team’s actions during the mission, the mission will be considered a failure. Once the drop is completed, contact the Johnson directly and let them know it’s done. Contact information for the Johnson will be provided at the start of the mission.

First floor of the establishment is open 24/7 with the staff workings in 8-hour shifts. All exterior doors and windows have maglocks (rating 4). All interior doors are maglock rating 3. There are six cameras on the first floor but their locations are not provided with your mission dossier. There are three doormen (one per shift) that check the credentials of the hotel guests in the foyer (location 1 on map) before allowing access into the hotel. The second entrance (location 2 on map) has a rating 6 maglock on it along with a breath-based DNA scanner for VIP guests. The hotel is three stories tall with the second and third floors containing only hotel rooms and VIP suites. The system runs a wireless network for guests that is not connected to the security system and tracks guests via RFID tags sprayed on them when entering at location 1 or 2 of the map. The security system is monitored by a single dedicated spider. There are no magical defenses on site.

Three events are happening this week that your team may either want to either avoid or use to your advantage:

1) A wedding, being held in the southern ballroom (location 18) next Tuesday at 5pm with an estimated 25 guests and 5 staff in attendance.

2) The hotel is throwing an annual employee party on Wed at midnight, for all off-duty employees. An additional 125 guests are expected.

3) A local high school is having a formal prom dance in the north and south ballrooms (location 18 & 19), 7pm to 10pm on Thursday. An estimated 275 guests and 40 staff are expected.


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